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Oklahoma’s Own Natural Oasis.

Who knew, nestled in the corner of SouthEast Oklahoma, were beautiful luxury cabins, Beavers Bend Resort Park, The MountainFork and Glovers River and the Ouachita National Forrest. The perfect getaway or stay-cay option for local residents or residents wanting to see other parts of the country. To my surprise, I discovered a wonderful opportunity to see more of Oklahoma while treating my team and friends to an amazing health and wellness retreat.

If you follow me, you know I love being in nature and outdoors. I will choose mountain over beach almost any-day. So when I stumbled upon Broken Bow, OK, I found my quick “nature getaway” and started planning. I was in search of a cabin that created a serene, tranquil atmosphere for this event of mine. I loved the idea of a cabin in the woods, yoga on the back porch, a quick hike around the lake, and just the ambiance of nature itself. Day Trippin Cabins offered just that, a getaway from reality to clear our minds, build deeper friendships, become more mentally aware of our purpose, and just feel rejuvenated upon returning back to our reality. I believe, no matter who you are, we all need a little time out every now and then. And if you don’t have a full week to travel or you don’t have the time to plan a huge trip, then why not sneak away to a cabin in the woods and soak up all it has to offer, right? Remember, life won’t slow down for you. Just as you plan your day, you must plan for these “time outs.”

So let me just brag on Day Trippin Cabins for a moment. Upon arrival, I was blown away by the amazing architecture and small attention to details. Everything you can imagine you’d need was there; Beautiful patios, an outdoor fireplace, hot tub, fire pit, the beautiful open concept for gathering inside, granite countertops, all the appliances you could ask for, double doors that opened the house to the outdoors, and so much more! Just look at these pics below or Check them out here:

I almost forgot to mention the sister property next door! The smaller cabin worked as a great retreat for my guest speakers to stay . It sleeps 4 (2 beds) and definitely has a more intimate vibe. It would be a great cabin for a couple on their honeymoon, a quick couple’s retreat or small family. To see the amenities and pictures go here:

So how does one pick the place that’s best for them? Well I’ve done the homework for you and here’s my thought process below. I’ve also included my tips and a few questions to help you decide what’s best for you.

Question 1: What style sits best with you? Do you like rustic? Do you like modern? Does it just need to be new and open?

When I’m searching for a place to stay, Im super picky about style and decor. I always go for a contemporary/modern vibe, with elements that play into the location where Im visiting. I do like the “cabin vibe” but personally, I like it bright, and airy and modern. I appreciated the natural wood Day Trippin used throughout the cabin. I want the place to create an emotional response when I walk through the doors because of its beauty and style- this cabin did just that.

Question 2: Is space important to you? How many people are you having/hosting? How will everyone fit into this space?

If you know you’re hosting a large group or you know you’ll want to gather for yoga like we did, then you have to take space into consideration. For me, space and privacy is important. I believe individual space creates comfort. If someone wanted to sneak away, I’d like for them to have a place to go ie. A game room, a balcony, a large patio/porch, hot tub, you get the idea. Personally speaking, I need an outlet when I’m in large groups- a place for me to get back the energy I’ve output. I loved that the room I slept in (one of the 2 masters) was on the other side of the cabin…BONUS.

And as you can see, the outdoor patio sold me immediately because it provided ample space for our yoga practice. And when we had our guest speakers talk, I loved how the double doors to the outside brought nature inside.

And lastly, let’s talk ameneites.

I love the idea of group pow wows. I always look for amenities that provide a cool setting to do just that. Who doesn’t love sitting around a fire pit having girl talk while roasting marshmallows? Gentle yoga around an outdoor fireplace? Or a good soak in the hot tub? ME!

There are so many ways to change up the setting, even within the same property, that will keep you entertained for days on end.

So let’s review a few questions that will help you take into account all things you may need to consider when searching for your cabin. These will also help you prep your activities to become the most amazing host, something I pride myself on 🙂

1. What style makes you happy? How will your guests feel about it (if this matters to you)?

2. Is space a priority? What can you envision happening while there? Is there enough space to comfortably seat all your guests in the living area? What about the kitchen? Can everyone be seated at the table/island? How are the rooms set up? Are there closets for luggage?

3. What amenities do they have? How do you envision using them for the duration of your stay. Is it enough to keep your party entertained. Are there enough bathrooms? Are they large enough if hosting a big party?

I can honestly say, Day Trippin met my party needs without a doubt so I asked them if they’d be willing to give my friends and readers a discount code to stay in their cabins and they said YES! So here you go friends. For 2019 if you use the code ASHLEE you’ll get 15% off your stay!

And one more thing! There are many places to eat in the area, but upon arrival I asked the cabin owner for the “healthiest referral” and if you’re my people on here, you’ll appreciate this feedback too. Although we did eat in 99% of the time, I decided to have an evening catered for this group on Super Bowl Sunday. Thank you to the Rolling Fork Takery for providing some of the best dishes I’ve ever tried. Guys, I even asked if they would Paleo-fy them and they did! They are already a healthy, local farm, sourced food option, but the fact that they went above and beyond for my parties needs, makes them worthy of a shout out right here!  It was the perfect start to our trip and made check- in/settling in that much easier! Here’s their website to see what they’re all about and of course, Check out their menu here.

So all in all, my trip was fantastic and Im a fan of Broken Bow, OK for life now! Like I said you may just see more opportunities to join me on a future yoga retreat so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, reserve your Day Trippin Cabin asap because I know it’s beautiful in the summer months down there and they’re almost all booked up already!

Reminder: Use Code ASHLEE for 15% off here : or stay at the sister cabin next door if you need a smaller more intimate setting:

Love the shots you’ve seen in my blog?  Tim Goings, a local photographer, is such a great person to work with! You can find him here: :

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