Miracle Morning Routine


Nov, 2018


What is the Miracle Morning Routine?

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I get asked all the time about the Miracle Morning Routine mainly because I always talk about it! Lol. Alright, so how is it, what is it, do you use it? I love the Miracle Morning Routine. I’ve been using it for two years now (since November 2016).

Miracle Morning means that you get up before your day starts. You give yourself 10 minutes…or even an hour…different for everyone. Getting up before anyone else does…kids…your husband…getting up before what you normally have to do.

The Miracle Morning Routine has an acronym: SAVERS. S is for silence. You just sit in silence. You can meditate. You can determine how long you want to sit in silence. I sit in silence for about 5 minutes. You should be upright…no laying down. Just breathe and listen to the furthest sound you can hear in the room. We don’t do it enough. We need more of this! That is why you do it before anyone else gets up…because the house should be silent! 

Then we have the A, S…A…A stands for affirmations. After you have practiced silence, now you are going to come up with an affirmation…what is something you need to hear in your life right now? For you it might be “I am enough” because as moms sometimes we feel like we aren’t enough in this world. We feel we can’t keep up…we feel we just can’t do it…I’m falling short in all of these areas in my life. But we are enough. So, you pick a phrase and repeat it!!!! Maybe you need to put it on the mirror in your bathroom so after you sit in silence, you walk into your bathroom and see the affirmation “I am enough” and repeat it! Pick one affirmation and you sit there and repeat it! It is powerful…trust me!

Then you have the V which stands for visualization. So, after you sit in silence, say your affirmation, you visualize your day. Visualize your day playing out the perfect way…exactly how you want it to play out. When you visualize it, we are actually putting it into action. It is our subconscious…putting it out to the universe…so it actually happens the way we see it!

So S…A…V…now you have E, which stands for exercise. This doesn’t mean you actually workout but it can. It means you do some pushups, maybe some sun salutations, go for a short walk in the house…just get up and move. Get your body up and ready for the day!

Then we move on to R…reading. That’s picking up something that you want to read. It can be for personal development or read a novel. Read for 10 minutes. You can even listen to a podcast. That counts too!

The last S stands for scribing. What did you take away form the R? Write it in a journal, your notes app, or even share it on your social media! I encourage you to share it on Facebook or Instagram or even twitter. Pay it forward…you took some time out to better yourself, why not help others with what you learned!

So, S A V E R S…your miracle morning routine. Follow that acronym and you’ll feel amazing. I don’t always get to every letter every morning…but when I do…I feel amazing. Do what you can, aim for the entire acronym, and you’ll feel amazing.

Let me know how you spent your morning.

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Miracle Morning Routine

Miracle Morning means that you get up before your day starts. You give yourself 10 minutes…or even an hour…different for everyone. Getting up before anyone else does…kids…your husband…getting up before what you normally have to do. The Miracle Morning Routine has an...

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