SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS….I’m talking about the HEALTHY KIND 

Even #KidFriendly

As seen often on my #INSTAstories, you guys know I’m slightly obsessed with my DIY immunity shots! So I’ve compiled some recipes just for you!

I love that you can make these ahead of time and take a quick dose every morning to kick start your day! Consider it your health-boosting power shot of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in a concentrated dose without all the sugar!

I started using these during flu season when I was trying to protect my family with a more homeopathic approach. I’m not one that likes to give my kids medicine or even vitamins in the form of sugar so I found a couple recipes my 5 year old really loves and asks for daily; A WIN for this momma!

You don’t need a perfect recipe.  You just need to know 3 ingredients that are going to give you the kick you need, then you can add any fruits/veggies you know you and your kids will like….as seen here, LEMON isn’t the choice for little Beckham hahahahah

Here’s the foundational ingredients to build from:

1. TUMERIC- fights inflammation and detoxifies the body.

2. GINGER- coats airways, aids in absorption of food and fights infection

3. CAYENNE- has capsaicin found in many drugs- stimulates circulation, aids in digestion, helps relieve upset stomach, cramps, diarrhea and gas. 

Now that you know the main ingredients, the next step includes choosing what liquid base you want. Coconut water is a common choice but because of my coconut sensitivity, I use lemon juice and Kombucha mostly! Lastly, add your fruits and veggies to get the benefits of veggies and flavor from fruit.

Brooks Fave is the “green” one complete with KALE, SPINACH, & APPLE. Using green apples gives them a bit of sweet but they are also lower in sugar than other fruits so it’s another WIN for mom!  This way they get their  vitamin K, Vitamin C and the benefits of the above all in one!

Here are my staples: 

Simplify Your Experience

Shot Glasses


Order your fresh veggies and fruit here if you’re local to Tulsa.


  1. Tina Hamiton


  2. Jennifer

    Ashlee are you juicing or blending these?

    • Ashlee B Buchert

      Yes you blend these ingredients and put through a stainer. Some I don’t need to as you take out the fiber when you strain. But yes blend for 3-5 min.

  3. Tia K.

    Ashlee, Brilliant layout! You provide a wealth of knowledge with your content, recipes and vibrant photos. You’ve taking it to a whole new level and simplified it with direct links for products! Thank you for taking the time and effort you put into providing the best of the best tips for health, nutrition, fitness and many other areas!

  4. Britney

    Does each Recipe make one shot?

  5. William

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SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS....I'm talking about the HEALTHY KIND  Even #KidFriendly As seen often on my #INSTAstories, you guys know I'm slightly obsessed with my DIY immunity shots! So I've compiled some recipes just for you! I love that you can make these ahead of time and...

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